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Three years to the day

April 13, 2013

It has been that long since we put something on this blog.

In fact we almost forgot it was here.

Apparently, it is not unusual for people to set up a blog with a hiss and a roar, and then get distracted by other matters.  We can vouch for the truth of that.

The world has gone mad over the past three years, with: a) A number of significant changes to the economic stability of several European countries;  b) The rising level of vitriol evident in the “debate” over climate change, as the physical world has actually ignored all of the predictions; and c) The projection of Chinese influence, not only into the East China Sea, and the Western Pacific, but also in “reaching out” to the wider Pacific communities.

In this time, Governments have either found more ways of taxing the population (as in Australia), or in reducing its costs by merging agencies and down-sizing its workforce (as in New Zealand).  Both of these have the effect of removing money from the local economy, and that impacts on business.

So, more business effort goes into marketing services, whilst trying to maintain a reasonable level of productive work.  The result being that there is little time left to document random thoughts as they occur.

Perhaps this post is the beginning of a new phase in the cycle.  We certainly hope so.  If not, we can only look forward to another post being written round about mid April, in 2016.

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