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Everything has to start somewhere …

April 2, 2010

Intelligence – the verb, not the noun – is sometimes referred to as the great game.  In fact, on the “About” page of this blog, I have done just that.

But really, calling it “the great game”, or “the game of Kings” gives it far too much importance.

Intelligence was, and is, employed at military and diplomatic levels to reduce risk in defence and gain advantage in offence. Sometimes it is good at doing one or the other, and occasionally it is good at both.

But you can forget all about James Bond because, for most of the time, Intelligence is only concerned with handling mountains of mind-numbing trivia.

In reality Intelligence is all about collecting and collating seemingly unconnected snippets of information in the hope that, eventually, a pattern will emerge that gives an insight into current and future trends.

It sounds a futile task, but it actually works in a surprising number of cases. And the interesting thing is that nobody really understands why.

Intelligence – the verb, not the noun – is also not just the purview of “bright” people. A person’s mental capacity has little to do with it, other than having a capacity to comprehend something that has been read or observed, and then having the mental discipline to assess it impartially, but sceptically.

As such, this site is all about acquiring and recording random snippets of information that I think might be material to the world at large. The purpose is to a) see what patterns might emerge; and b) try to separate the “hype” from the merely probable.

Postings will be spasmodic, erratic, irrelevant, inaccurate, and probably biased.

Just like “real-world” intelligence in fact.

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